Scenix is a unique PORCH/SUNROOM retractable window/screen system. This is a single glass pane/ dual sash window system with retractable screens built in. This gives the user the ability for a “3 season room” depending on the geographical area. When you want ALL glass you will have the 2 single pane sashes covering your entire window space. If screens are desired these 2 panes bypass each other and occupy the center 50% of the opening, while at the same time pulling up from the bottom AND down from the top simultaneously our retractable screen… therefore you then have 25% screen top and bottom and 50% glass in the center.


This system is very easy to install, will increase your property value, and give you the airflow, with the screen option, while keeping most of the outside elements out when you have it in Full glass mode.


Colors Available

White, Brown, Sandstone

Scenix offers several standard sizes, plus even more custom size options available to transform your porch with widths up to 72″ and heights up to 96″.

Standard sizes (white only)

44-1/2″W x 72″H 44-1/2″W x 84″H

56-1/2″W x 72″H 56-1/2″W x 84″H

68-1/2″W x 72″H 68-1/2″W x 84″H

Custom Sizes (White, Sandstone, Brown)

Rough opening widths from 24″W to 72″W

Rough opening heights from 30″H to 96″H