The Apollo Motorized Power Screen System is the newest version of this product category we’ve seen in many years. Unfortunately, many manufacturers get complacent over time and don’t make the necessary changes to assure the product is at its peak performance level. With the launch of this system, we have seen a noticeable upgrade in features that over time will continue to set them apart from the masses. Apollo Motorized screen solutions feature push-button convenience! Apollo Power Screens are the ultimate in outdoor motorized screen and solar shades solutions.


The Apollo motorized Power Screen system has 1 upped the industry by offering several advantages within their system. Alpha Motors ( an Australian-based company) has been blazing the shade and motorized industry with its extensive array of motor options. The Alpha motor controls are sleeker and they offer more configurations. Their wall-mounted wireless controls don’t need a junction box or cutting into the wall, the low-profile surface mount is seamless and beautiful. Apollo has made this their default option for their motorized systems. For those who prefer we can still supply the OLD industry-standard Somfy Motor. Standardizing the housing size has made it much simpler to specify and design projects. Shortly after they launched Apollo realized that the only way to control the powder-coated finish was to bring that in House, so they now do their own Powder Coating, this will enhance the quality and reduce the lead time. A little nuance like incorporating a channel on the back of the surface mount tracks to fill in voids is just an example of attention to detail.


Housing – 4-3/4” high x 5’ wide
Recessed type tracks— 2.60”x 1.5”
Surface mount tracks— 2.25” x 1”
Colors— Bright White, Off White, Desert Sand, Champagne, Grey, Bronze, Black, Silver, Dark Brown, Oil Rubbed Bronze
Mesh options—Standard Insect mesh ( Super Screen) as well as a large selection of solar materials ranging from 3%-60% openness.