Phancy Screens LLC, was established in 2005. Instantly, we acquired an exclusive distributorship with one of the largest retractable screen manufacturers in the world. After several years we realized there were superior products available to us, and more importantly, ones that were manufactured in the USA. Starting in 2011 we began our transition and quest to bring our customers the very BEST in the industry. As of 2014, we are proud to say we have found the BEST! ¬†We are now the exclusive distributor of Clear View Products, Southeast Inc. Phancy Screens is located in Westchester, NY and we service the five boroughs of NY, (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan,Bronx & Staten Island) plus Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and Orange counties. Most recently we’ve added Long Island, North Jersey and Southern Connecticut to our service areas. Our dealers provide estimates, install, and service your screens in all of these areas.

As in the past, and with a continued effort in the future, we strive to provide excellent service and top of the line products. With that said, we are proud to now offer products that are MADE IN THE USA. We have a strong commitment to serving area architects, builders, door and window manufacturers, professionals in the design trade, as well as the general public. We do so through our ever-growing dealer network.